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A #Twitter Tale, with Tips: How One Newbie Went from Zero to 5,000 Followers in Just a Few Months

This is an encouraging story about a) how to gain Twitter followers and b) the pleasant social aspects of social media that come up when we actually engage with each other. On Saturday, I saw a tweet from Sushant Misra (@treptalks) that shared his excitement about amassing 5,000 followers. I tweeted my congratulations, noting that, as a (more or less) newcomer to the Twitter scene, I’m still short of one-tenth of that amount. Sunday, Sushant sent me a direct message saying that I had inspired him to write an entry on his blog, which focuses on digital entrepreneurship. I’m reblogging it here. It’s full of useful information and perspective and contagious enthusiasm about his Twitter growthAnd I love how this illustrates the “social” aspect of “social media” — Sushant and I have never met or exchanged any comments before this. Enjoy! And, thanks, Sushant.

FOCUS + How I got 5k Twitter followers (real world case study)…

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Sushant Misra

Last night I reached 5000 followers on Twitter. Not a huge accomplishment but still I sent out a little celebratory tweet.

After a little bit, I received a DM (direct message) on Twitter from a fellow tweeter….I have obscured the identity for privacy purposes: “That’s great about the 5,000 followers. I’m struggling to top 500. Can’t even imagine 10X that many! Congrats.”

And this really got me thinking.

When I started Trep Talks a few months ago, I had no background in social media (I mean zero, none whatsoever). Previous to this, I thought it to be a waste of time. Obviously, now I know that was an error in thinking.

But really when I started 5-6 months ago, social media just seemed like a foreign language to me. And I had the EXACT same thinking as the fellow tweeter above. I used to be in awe and wonder of how some people (especially people like Gary Vaynerchuk) are able to engage so many people and create huge followings. They surely must have some special gifts and talents.

But now I am much more comfortable with the language of Twitter and how it works. When I read that message last night, I thought to myself, I can show this person a thing or two that would allow him to gain targeted followers quickly.

The difference that made the difference was that I decided to FOCUS. (Before I go on any further, I must mention that I am still a newbie when it comes to Facebook and Google Plus but now that I am much more comfortable with Twitter and getting results on it, I am beginning to focus on Facebook and learn the platform now.)

I knew I was starting from ZERO so I decided to choose 1 platform (Twitter) and decided to Focus. The results did not come right away, in fact I think I probably gained 70% of my followers in the last couple of months.

I had to try different things to see what works and what doesn’t. For a couple of months I was joining Twitter Chats 3-4 hours per weeks and asking questions from other influencers. Paid attention to what kinds of tweets got the most favourites and retweets (for example, I noticed that when I mentioned revenue numbers of the guests I was interviewing, that got a lot of favourites and retweets).

I discovered things like “5 daily suggested tweets” by Buffer that usually tend to get a tons of engagement and you can schedule them with one click. In fact that is the first things I do everyday.

I discovered Triberr which is great platform to build relationships with fellow influencers and for one-click sharing great ready-made content.

I also discovered some very effective third party tools like Hootsuite and Just Unfollow that allow you to schedule tweets and gain targeted followers.

And I also discovered that none of the above will work if you are NOT bringing your personality, heart, and true self to the table and really have a desire to connect with your audience.

What seemed like a mystery a few months ago, is no longer a mystery because I decided to focus, try different things, and learn along the way.

I am now beginning to do the same for Facebook….hopefully, I will have some lessons to share in a few months. I am currently doing the same things with newsletters (including this one), trying out different things to see what works and what doesn’t. It is not easy but it is possible if you are willing to pay your dues.

— See more at treptalks.com

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