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Dazzling Diversity: 6 Exciting Examples of Visual Storytelling

One of the great things about visual storytelling online is the diversity of sources, styles and lengths you find every day. Some are meant to inform, some to drive business and some to amuse.

Here are six that caught my eye recently. They illustrate just a bit of the inspiring range available to us, no matter what story we’re telling or why.

Plus, they’re fun.

Enjoy these, and share some examples you’ve seen or produced.

New-York-Times-Temperature-Rising1. Temperature Rising – Flipboard, The New York Times. Just one example of a publication putting Flipboard to great use. The Times presents stunning photography and great reporting in the magazine-like display, so the sweep of its coverage is relevant, manageable and engaging.

2. Four Seasons Magazine.com – by Pace. I love everything that comes out of Pace, the award-winning digital marketing agency based in Greensboro, N.C. And this digital magazine is not only beautiful, smart and useful — but Pace is finding measurable success with its multi-channel content programs.

vatican, sistene chapel, virtual tour3. Virtual Tour of the Sistene Chapel – by The Vatican. Yes, The Vatican presents this dazzling interactive look at one of the world’s most dazzling buildings, with zoomable and 360-degree views. Nice intro here at venturebeat.com.

4. “Not a Bad Thing” music video – by Justin Timberlake. The singer asked fans to tweet him about their own love stories using hashtag #notabadlovestory — and he incorporated dozens into his latest release.

5. A ‘Field of Dreams’ for Anchorage’s Rugby Players – video on Alaska Dispatch. Beautiful scenery, odd house, harebrained idea. Alaska will never be a rugby base. But so what? It’s Alaska — beautiful, odd and home to a few harebrained ideas.

Brad-Paisley-Westboro6. Brad Paisley’s selfie. The Westboro Baptist Church infamously protests funerals of U.S. soldiers and gay or gay-friendly people. When Paisley, one of country’s biggest stars for many years,  found his own concert to be targeted, he decided to take a pre-concert photo and share it on Instagram.






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