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6 Most Popular Blog Posts: What to Learn from the Numbers

Sandi Parker (center), Manager, Creative & Marketing for Jamestown Properties, leads guests through the tour.

This is where the main food court will be inside Ponce City Market

It’s always fun to look at readership numbers for items posted online. It’s also important, since we can consider what “works” and what doesn’t when creating more content and telling more stories.

“If you don’t know what your most popular content is, then how are you going to create more of it?” asks blogging expert Jeff Bullas.

And WordPress, the platform on which I publish this blog, provides helpful stats that show how many page views each piece of content gets.

I’ve been blogging here for six months, so it seems like a good time to look for myself. I won’t bore you with the details, but here are my top six posts.

1. Inside Look: Preview Pictures from Ponce City Market. It’s a big, local story with lots of interest among Atlantans — and I got to take lots of photos when I went on a tour of the mixed-use development project. I posted 13, and each time someone clicked on an individual photo to enlarge it, that added another page view to the tally.

2. Listen Up! An Ex-Reporter Gives 12 Easy Ways to Get More Information from Anyone. I spent very little time on this one. It was just me blabbing, with a silly meme and no photos. Its viral success and the amount of comments I received shocked me, so I tried a sequel — which bombed.

Doug Brooks, Rusty Wolf, Sophie, three kids, gay, gay dads, gay parents, gay family, families, mouths of babes, children of gay, well adjusted, atlanta, georgia

Doug Brooks, left, and Rusty Wolf with their children

3. Short and (Very) Sweet. This is one of the first items I posted and it still gets page views from web searches about gay parents. I couldn’t be happier about that. Go ahead and click here to see what little Sophie has to say when asked a no-nonsense question.

4. A Gay Husband in Georgia Gets a Military ID Card. Attorney and veteran Jeff Cleghorn helped overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. So when I saw his brief Facebook post about the joy he and his husband experienced recently, I had to get more information to share here.

5. What’s His Story: The Run Commuter Gets to Work on Foot. When Atlantan Josh Woiderski started running to work a few years ago, he had no idea where it would take him. His blog, theruncommuter.com, caught on in other cities and other countries, and brought him national media attention and even an income stream. Organic genius.

Nick and Steven Carse of The King of Pops

Nick and Steven Carse of The King of Pops

6. 9 Business & Marketing Tips from Atlanta’s King of Pops. Another popular local story with high interest and plenty of photo opps. Hmm… I’m noticing some themes here…

And what’s not working for me? Wordless Wednesdays, the photo-only feature a blogging friend suggested I try. I enjoy it, but maybe I can save it for when I have something special, huh?

Let me know what you think I should take from this. And if you’re a blogger or web producer and you don’t already know your most popular pieces, find out now and see what you can learn about your  audience. The power of the web is ours only if we use it.

What’s His Story: The Run Commuter Gets to Work on Foot

Long before last week’s SnowJam made it national news, everyone in metro Atlanta knew what a drag the morning and evening rush hours are. Some people carpool or take MARTA to make things better.

Josh Woiderski runs.

Josh Woiderski, SnowJam, theruncommuter.com, run, running, commute, commuting, traffic, alternative to driving, run to work, jog, jogging, jog to work, Atlanta, metro Atlanta, Decatur, crazy people who run to work

Josh Woiderski started theruncommuter.com blog to share his enthusiasm for the healthy alternative to getting stuck in traffic (long before SnowJam).

That’s right. He runs to work and back most days rather than drive. He’s not alone. And he’s telling a story that’s drawing readers, participants and even sponsors on his blog, theruncommuter.com.

Woiderski, 37, is a paralegal downtown and longtime long-distance runner. He started running to work a few years ago after a wreck totaled his car. Rather than buy a new one right away, he started jogging from his then-home in West End. A married father of two boys and now living near Decatur, Woiderski runs into Atlanta most days, more than 5 miles each way. He ran last Tuesday, when 2 inches of snow shut down transit across metro Atlanta, then took a slow-moving MARTA train most of the way home before giving up and going on foot the rest of the way.


Absolutely! I love running and hate driving. Many people dread the idea of getting up an extra two hours early so they can work out, return home, get ready for work, then drive to the office. Run commuting allows you to get a run in while on your way to work, as opposed to in addition to commuting to work. (Check out his videos.)


I run on the sidewalks of Dekalb Avenue all the way into downtown Atlanta. There are days when I’ll change my route, especially when I’m meeting friends after work in Poncey-Highland or Little Five Points. On those days, I may use the PATH or the BeltLine for part of my trip.


I don’t shower at the office (mainly because we don’t have one). The “no shower” method  consists of taking a shower at home before leaving in the morning, cooling down in front of a fan in your office after you arrive, using baby wipes to clean your head and body, dressing, and then washing your face and head in the bathroom. It’s worked just fine for the last five years. And I work in a business environment where I regularly attend meetings and court hearings.


I wrote my first post about run commuting in February 2010. A few months later I was looking at our website stats and noticed many people were searching the web for things related to run commuting (running backpacks, running to work, etc.) and it was directing them to our blog. I searched the Internet and realized there were no good resources on run commuting, so I created The Run Commuter to fill that void.

At first, I was happy to get 30 or 40 hits a day. And then something cool happened. Other run commuters from around the world starting contacting us. We asked them to write about their commutes and soon we had a handful of contributors from the United States and Canada. Now we have a site that receives hundreds of hits a day and is the go-to destination for run commuter information, gear and tips.

Manufacturers send me gear to review, and I even receive a small percentage from some online sales. It’s not making me rich, but it is a nice, unexpected benefit of sharing the story of something I love so much.


It’s awesome when someone visits the site and it inspires them to start run commuting. And one of the most encouraging things to see is a coworker or friend who is run commuting already. So we hope that by sharing the experiences of new run commuters, along with helpful tips and guidance for those considering giving it a shot, that we’ll see run commuting grow exponentially around the world.

Soon after we created The Run Commuter, additional sites sprang up in other countries. These include Running to Work (UK), Running to Work (Spain), and Run Commuter (Netherlands). We loosely cooperate on a few projects, such as a yearly Run to Work Day and share experiences via @TheRunCommuter on Twitter and videos on YouTube.

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