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Fleetwood Mac Live: It’s Almost Too Much

Fleetwood Mac, Atlanta, Philips Arena

Sweetness… Stevie Nicks tweeted this from an earlier show, welcoming Christine McVie back to Fleetwood Mac.

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were concluding a stripped-down opening of “Tusk” last night when John McVie and Mick Fleetwood segued in with that wicked bass and drum part.

And I fell back into my chair at Philips Arena, feeling drunk  from another of the countless moments of musical bliss during Fleetwood Mac’s concert.

“It’s almost too much,” I said out loud but to no one.

They were that good. They played only old stuff, a lot of the hits and a few chestnuts for us diehards. And yet this wasn’t just about nostalgia, a cruise-ship oldies show. The four of them, along with returning songbird Christine McVie, are all around 70 – but they rocked it out. Buckingham remains a fierce lead guitarist. The harmonies were tighter than in their ‘70s heyday. And they all were clearly enjoying each other and their ongoing popularity.

Fans like me grew up with this band and know their personal stories as intimately as their music. Combine that sweetness with the blazing musicality of the show, and we had a spectacular evening that only a handful of other acts can deliver. You can’t separate their soap opera from the songs. It’s one of the great sagas in pop music history.

Here are some pictures from last night (yes, Stevie and Lindsey are still gorgeous – and truly, sincerely weird).

A few more thoughts:

  • Welcome back, Christine McVie. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
  • Lindsey’s a bigger drama queen than Stevie.
  • John McVie carries an orchestra in his bass.
  • Stevie and Mick need to spike that post-“Songbird” speechifying. But restraint from excess has never been Fleetwood Mac’s forte, of course.
  • Mick Fleetwood in particular is an inspiration, still deliriously in love with playing the drums.
  • And if all the goodwill on stage didn’t warm your heart for more than 2 hours, hearing them all sing “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” still can.

Between 277 and 3,262 Reasons I Won’t Be Seeing Fleetwood Mac in Concert

That’s the range of ticket prices I found on a quick check on Ticketmaster and StubHub: $277 each for nosebleeds behind the stage; $3,262.40 EACH for front row center.

Have mercy, baby. Love me some Mac, but that’s too rich for me. How about you?

Here’s a free YouTube video from their 1982 Mirage tour, instead.

UPDATE: I went to the concert in Atlanta. It was awesome. Read this.