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A Story in iPhone Photos: From Busy Backstage as Disney Star Lucy Hale Makes Her Grand Ole Opry Debut

wordless wednesday, wordlesswednesday, jordan pokryfki, pool, john green, the fault in our stars, girl reading book in pool, lazy summer day, storycroftThe story behind last week’s Wordless Wednesday (and this one): Higher education is exhausting; even the best students need a nice break now and then. This is my niece blissfully enjoying a few days away from the stress of her studies to become a physician’s assistant. I love the colors, the bonnet, the shades… almost a ’60s vibe in her lounging. I was right there with her at my mom’s house near Nashville — which explains the photos above. As a treat for Jordan and her fiancee on their visit, a family friend took us to the Grand Ole Opry backstage, where we saw Opry stalwarts like Little Jimmy Dickens entertain a packed house. Disney star Lucy Hale made her Opry debut, with Hall of Famer Bill Anderson introducing her and watching her on the monitor, and the four house backup singers providing an interesting vantage point. The whole thing let us see the precision and complexity of the production. Fascinating. It’s always bustling back there.

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