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Atlanta Off-Limits: Trying to Get Home in the Snow and Traffic Nightmare

I am spending tonight in a Rodeway Inn near Calhoun, Ga., and thankful for it.

I left Nashville after lunch.  It’s usually a four-hour drive home to Atlanta, and I was expecting some extra traffic because of the weather. But really — who could have predicted that a little snow would shut down our city? I never made it closer to home than the Acworth exit, where traffic came to a stop and I finally decided to get a room for the night rather than keep fighting the slow-moving traffic, snowy roads and patches of ice on I-75. But since all the hotels near Acworth were booked, a kindly clerk and a friend on the phone helped me find the closest available room — 40 miles back north toward Chattanooga. For dinner, I was warned that the Hardee’s and maybe the Wendy’s near this hotel were closed because of the weather, so I hit a McDonald’s drive-thru. I finally checked in here about 10 p.m.

Thankful, yes, to be off the road and in a warm room.

That’s just my little story of a ridiculously messy day. Add it to the millions of others. What a mess.