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Remembering the First Word in ‘Social Media’

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Jason Dominy, right, posts pictures to Facebook after meeting people like Mark Tioxon.

I was at a party recently. I knew about half the folks there and was having a nice time going from chat to chat. At one point, I paused to look around for the next conversation and saw another man across the snack table doing the same thing. I decided to introduce myself, but before I could, he called my name.

“Hi,” I said, walking over. “How do you know who I am?”

He said his name, and I recognized it.

“That’s right! We follow each other on Twitter and Instagram,” I said, thus beginning the next nice round of cocktail party conversation. Turns out he’s dating an old friend of mine, who was also at the party, and I introduced them to friends I had brought.

It reminded me of Jason Dominy, a new friend who’s making it his mission to keep the “social” in “social media.”

Project 2Dto3D

Two years ago, Jason started reaching out to Twitter connections – people he’d never met IRL (In Real Life) — and asking them to meet for coffee or lunch.

Jason Dominy, 2Dto3D, meeting people in real life, IRL, social media, Twitter, Facebook, friends, dating, Instagram

Jason with yours truly. He wrote that he liked my blog and asked to meet for coffee.

“I thought I was kind of silly that we live in the same city, we have a lot in common, I like what they have to say – and we’d never even sat down and talked.”

He says his goal is to connect with people in “real and relevant ways.” He’s met about 75 so far, and some have led to lasting friendships or business connections. He calls his effort 2Dto3D and has posted a photo album from the meetings on his Facebook page.

“People are tired of the façade that social media can give,” says Jason, a social media manager at an Atlanta agency. “Anything that gives you a chance to break that down, well, people are interested in that.”

What about you? Have you had similar instances of expanding your real-life contacts via Twitter, Facebook or other social media?

Or do you think this is still a way to avoid contact with actual people? That online “relationships” are just a way of self-isolating?

I like Jason’s efforts. I was glad he reached out to me and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him. And at that party a few weeks ago, Twitter and Instagram helped paved the way for some fun introductions.

Would they have happened anyway? Maybe, but an icebreaker is as an icebreaker does, right?

‘We’re both stunned’

Now here’s an example of a different kind.

UnknownI have a buddy in Miami who noticed over time that he had developed a Twitter friendship with someone he’d never met – someone who didn’t have a name or face on her bio. After naturally tweeting to each other about common interests for several months, my friend asked her to get together for a drink.

That was last fall.

They’ve been dating ever since.

“We were meeting up just for a beer, just because we both seemed interesting to the other,” my pal said. “I’d never seen her until the day I walked into that bar. It was definitely not a date, and neither of us had any ideas about this becoming romantic. We’re both stunned that it did.”

He said not everybody wants to have a wide-open public persona on the Internet, but meeting some of the people you interact with online can have positive outcomes.

“If it wasn’t for Twitter, I never would have fallen for ‘that total stranger I met on the Internet.’”

Ain’t nothing wrong with that.




11 Ways to Keep Balance in Your Life

balance, maintaining balance in life, wellness, how to live a balanced life, einstein, quoteI’ve been thinking about balance lately, and it’s come up several times in conversations at work, at home and on social media.

I find that I’m happiest when I am able to manage several aspects of my life in a well-rounded way. But if I try to do everything all the time, it’s an unrealistic expectation and I end up struggling and frustrated.

So I’ve accepted a key realization about priorities and personal time management. I have seven life categories that are most important to me. They are necessary for one reason or another, bring me pleasure or support my values, etc. Of those seven (such as career, family, hobby, etc.) , I can realistically handle five of them at a time, over the period of, say, a week. Then, I have to make sure that I rotate them all in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so that I don’t go too long without giving each plate a spin, so to speak.

For example: I like to eat right and exercise. But if work is really busy AND friends need my time AND I’m fighting a little flu bug… well, then it’s fine to skip the gym.

Or, since I’m also a big reader, if I go too long without starting a new book, I feel like I’m missing out on receiving the important nutrients that books give me — and I pick something up, even if it’s just for an hour.

I asked friends on Facebook for their thoughts on maintaining balance. Another friend, blogger Jessica Rossi, wrote about it in an excellent post. Here are 11 of their tips to keep balance in life. Send me yours and let’s keep the conversation going!

1. Alan: “For me, it starts with a very understanding and supportive spouse. She makes everything possible.”

2. Moe: “It’s all about doing some things with people. For example, if I didn’t have a gym partner that I have to meet right after work, I’d never leave work. Having a mini book club with friends or colleagues forces you to do your recreational reading during lunch, so that you’re also not working during the time and still reading a good piece of fiction to break up your day.”

3. Jenn: “It is about making sure to also take time for me. Because if we are not taken care of by us the we cannot have balance with others.”

4. Chris: “Balance sounds great on a self-help book cover but impossible to practice in my real life . My reality — only way to balance when life gives you inevitable extra weight is to take something off the scale or everything suffers . Life is defining priorities for me.”

5. Liz: “My husband says that sometimes the most romantic thing he can do for me is to take the child and leave the house. A few hours of alone time can right the scales pretty quickly. I have to schedule (as in put on the calendar weeks in advance) time with friends, dates with hubby, and time at the gym or it doesn’t happen.”

6. Diana: “By remembering that a job is a paycheck and a family is people. Spend your time with people.”

7. Charles: “League pinball on Tuesday nights. Drinks with my closest friend at an Irish bar on Saturday afternoons. Family and work fill the other time. Works for me.”

8. Russ: “Nothing is more important than family. It all flows from there…”

9. Trish: “Someone must be the flexible one in a relationship… to keep balanced life. He knows I’m watching out for him. Right now, it is too much work/not enough exercise, but family is good — even with the work travel.”

10: Elizabeth: “Try to say no more at work and yes more to family and friends.”

11. Jessica:It’s helpful to consistently re-evaluate how I’m spending my time. Simplify.”