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Atlanta Freeze: 12 Great Examples of Sharing the ‘Snowpocalypse’ Story

How do you tell a weather story? In countless ways this week, via publications, social media, video and more. And this was about much more than the weather, of course. There have been countless examples of great storytelling on SnowJam in metro Atlanta. Here are some I liked.

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Metro Atlanta in chaos: A great shot from David Tulis/AP on the AJC.

1. The Day We Lost Atlanta: How 2 lousy inches of snow paralyzed a metro area of 6 million. Great article, great headline — including that use of “area.” This disaster affected the entire region and can’t be blamed on the city alone.

2. There are tons of great photos on social media and news sites. Here is one of the many roundups of shots taken while the mess was unfolding.

3. Here’s another of aerial shots from the AJC.

4. In a region full of epic nightmares… Here’s one (of many, I know) that’s just… just… wow. An AJC reporter shares her amazing story: The long way home: a reporter’s night on I-75.

5. CBS News video on the baby born amid the mayhem.

6. Mark Bradley, a great AJC sports columnists, says this was Atlanta at its “absolute worst — and reveals issues that could cost us big events and big money. “SnowJam 2014 was as much a function of congestion as it was meteorological conditions or automotive dexterity. We have too many cars and not enough roads.”

7. The New York Times gives a nice roundup of examples of how Atlantans used social media. It’s by no means definitive — nor could it be, given the huge role Twitter, Facebook and more played in connecting people and sharing vital information and support.


8. From The Atlantic: How 2 Inches of Snow Created a Traffic Nightmare.

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Ex-Braves slugger Chipper Jones

9. Chipper to the rescue: a story in tweets.

10. From a staight-talking writer in Birmingham, Ala.: Why the South Fell Apart in the Snow.

11. CNN looks ahead: What other cities can learn from Atlanta’s ice debacle.

12. Finally, view this stunning shot of Peachtree Street outside The Fox, from photographer Christina Alman. From all the chaos, a scene of the city at its most beautiful.





ATLANTA’S SNOWJAM DAY 2: Driving even farther away from town to wait it out

ATLANTA’S SNOWJAM DAY 1: Turned away by traffic, taking refuge in a motel


Atlanta’s SnowJam, Day 3: Home at Last

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Lookout Mountain never looked so good to me as it did yesterday from my room in the Chattanoogan.

I made it home to Atlanta this afternoon, after a second night in a hotel. I can’t complain — the Chattanoogan Hotel was more than accommodating (and I’m looking forward to a return visit sometime). And the drive home today was mostly free of hassle.

I am not getting in my car until tomorrow, at least.

I got to hear Gov. Deal’s doozy of a press conference on the drive. I’m looking forward to reading some of the articles about this week’s mess, and I’ll accumulate a list of some of the best. Some great social media examples, along with good analyses of what happened and why — and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. Plus some fun stuff with photos and videos and a certain future Major League Baseball Hall of Famer.


ATLANTA’S SNOWJAM DAY 2: Driving even farther away from town to wait it out

ATLANTA’S SNOWJAM DAY 1: Turned away by traffic, taking refuge in a motel