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Mississippi Turning: Smart Businesses Say, “We Want Your Money, Even If You’re Gay”

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Another side of the story

Here’s a great example of seizing a narrative — and an opportunity to distinguish your values and drive your business.

Mississippi’s governor recently signed a bill into law allowing business owners to turn away gay people because of religious intolerance. It’s mean and stupid and not the least bit Christian, of course. And a group of Jackson entrepreneurs wants the country to know they’re not in support of the new law.

They’ve begun putting up stickers in store windows that say “We don’t discriminate. If you’re buying, we’re selling.”

It’s almost enough to make me want to drive to Mississippi and buy donuts at Campbell’s Bakery, pay for lessons at Whitfield-Smith Piano Studio and get my hair did at the Trim Salon. They’re among some 30 small businesses standing up to bigotry and idiocy that, sadly, has plenty of precedence in their state.

“A lot of us were trying to counter the negative stuff,” said Jesse Outlaw (!), owner of the William Wallace Salon and Fondren Barber Shop, in The Clarion Ledger.  “It doesn’t represent everybody here.”

Read more or show your support on the Equality Mississippi Facebook page.

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