Jay Croft

I’m a purpose-driven storyteller. My passion is planning, producJay Croft, content marketing, brand journalism, former newspaper reporter in content marketing, communications, corporate communications, senior manager, director, marketing, public relations, atlanta, georgia,  writer, editor, social media, digital ing and sharing content that targeted audiences find useful and engaging, in order to drive business goals.

I was trained as a journalist and spent 20 years as a reporter and editor at mainstream dailies from Anchorage to South Florida and, finally, at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I wrote metro news articles, then worked on the early ajc.com, and finally produced the daily Living section. In 2007, I switched to corporate communications and brand journalism, creating internal and digital communications for Coca-Cola, SunTrust and Cox Enterprises. (Opinions expressed on any of these pages are just my own.)

As a consultant and free-lancer, I’m proud to be affiliated with Coke, Cox, VerizonMasterCard and others. Here are a few recent work samples.


  • From SolarCity’s The Daily Peak, Inspiration for Better Living
    • Hosting Thanksgiving? Four Tips for First-Timers
  • At SunTrust, I produced internal and external content for the “onUp movement” to financial confidence, including Facebook “movement moments” here.
  • One, two and three issues of InSide Cox magazine that showcase engaging content, bright design, employees over executives, and how Cox promotes its values through business
  • I enjoyed my listicles for Cox Media Group on its Rare site (10 songs about weather… 9 beauty tips men should copy from women… crazy vanity plates)
  • column on how to self-correct writing mistakes

For more about my career, check out my LinkedIn page.

You can also find me on:

— Jay Croft


4 thoughts on “Jay Croft

  1. Cheryl Shoji

    Russ Kendall pass on your link “How 5 friends reinvented themselves….” I thank Russ for passing that on, but I thank you for your article AND the layout. It was a pleasure to read. I am “repositioning” from newspaper life and all of the adrenalin, angst and deadline stresses that it offered. I, presently, am enjoying this time to reflect, finally read books more than two pages at a time, think about the future etc. Have no idea what my “Plan B” is,so I will burrow into your piece and read the other “linked to” resources that you have so kindly offered. Thanks for my first morning read.

    1. Jay Croft Post author

      Hi, Cheryl — Thank you for reading the post and for sharing your experience. I’m glad you found some value in it, and I hope the links offer some good resources. Enjoy your time to reflect and read. Glad I was part of your morning! — Jay


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