9 Times An Editor Would’ve Helped

These kind of compilations are always fun, and thanks to 101books blog for putting this one together. (A minor quibble: This shows the need for proofreaders and copy editors. The term “editor” is so broad and often means people who provide other tasks as well. But anyone who has been in publishing — or read a blog post like this! — knows how invaluable copy editors and proofreaders are.)

101 Books

Editors are my favorite.

They are the unsung heroes of the content world. Writers get all the credit, but editors make the content sing.

If someone ever tells you that editing isn’t that important, or that anyone can do it, or that you don’t really need to hire an editor for your article or book, then you should know this: You’ve just received the worse piece of writing advice in the history of writing advice.

Everyone needs an editor. Even the President of the United States.

Need proof? Here are just a few of the many times using an editor would have been highly beneficial. 

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