Where to Catch Great, Old Movies on the Big Screen around Atlanta

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Down on Colfax — Music now, great movies back in the day

I used to love seeing old movies on the big screen of Denver’s Ogden Theatre, downtown on Colfax.

I live in Atlanta now, and The Ogden is a concert venue. But back in the pre-VHS era, you could see a different classic double-feature every night. Maybe two with the same star, theme or director.

Other cities had theaters like The Ogden. And when I went to college, the film society did its part.

It’s just not the same watching something like “Lawrence of Arabia” at home, no matter how big your plasma screen. And there was something social, too, in joining an audience of highly engaged fans that you can’t get with family or friends alone.

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No. 12 on ew.com’s list

On Tuesday night, I got to experience a little of the old magic at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema in Atlanta, which screened “The Searchers” as the opening of its Tuesday series of Westerns. (Next week: “Once Upon a Time in the West.”)

We recently had the chance to see “The Godfather” at Phipps and “King Kong” at The Fox. “Annie Hall” is getting a little rollout this year in some cities, but not Atlanta yet. And, hey, Georgia State, what’s happened to Cinefest? I saw “Mean Streets” there a decade ago; the latest “Captain America” will be just fine On Demand, thanks.

Here is a collection of titles, dates and locations for other one-off showings of older movies coming up around metro Atlanta. (Read about my summer catching up on ew.com’s Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time. And why you must see the Roger Ebert documentary.)

Share memories of your own Ogden-like experiences. And let us know of other classics coming soon. Later, I will try to interview some of the folks behind the effort to bring us these opportunities.

But I wanted to get this out right away because “Blue Velvet” is at The Plaza on Thursday.


Tue, Jul 15: Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), starring Henry Fonda.

Tue, Jul 22: George Roy Hill’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Tue, Jul 29: Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch (1969), starring William Holden.

Tue, Aug 5: Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven (1992), starring Eastwood, Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman.

Tue, Sep 16: This Is Spinal Tap (1984), directed by Rob Reiner.

Tue, Sep 23: Ran (1985), directed by Akira Kurosawa. 35mm print!

Tue, Sep 30: Jules and Jim (1962), directed by François Truffaut.

Tue, Oct 7: M (1931), directed by Fritz Lang.

Tue, Oct 14: Toyko Story (1953), directed by Yasujirô Ozu.

Tue, Oct 21: Lord of the Flies (1963), directed by Peter Brook.

Tue, Oct 28: Elevator to the Gallows (1958), directed by Louis Malle. 35mm print!

Tue, Nov 4: I Vitelloni (1953), directed by Federico Fellini. 35mm print!

Tue, Nov 11: Contempt (1963), directed by Jean-Luc Godard.



Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (50th Anniversary) Thursday, July 24 at 7:30 PM
 Movie Tours at 5 PM and 5:10PM

Gone With The Wind (75th Anniversary) 
Sunday, July 27 at 2 PM

The Philadelphia Story
 Thursday, July 31 at 7:30 PM 
Movie Tours at 5 PM and 5:10 PM


Saturday Morning Cartoons
 Saturday, August 2 at 10 AM

Mamma Mia!
 Saturday, August 2 at 7:30 PM
Movie Tours at 5 PM and 5:10 PM

Young Frankenstein (40th Anniversary) Blazing Saddles (40th Anniversary) 
Sunday, August 3 at 2 PM

Double Indemnity (70th Anniversary)
 Thursday, August 14 at 7:30 PM
 Movie Tours at 5 PM and 5:10 PM

Mary Poppins Sing-A-Long (50th Anniversary)
 Sunday, August 17 at 2 PM
 Movie Tours at 11:30 AM and 11:40 AM

The Women (75th Anniversary)
 Thursday, August 21 at 7:30 PM 
Movie Tours at 5 PM and 5:10PM


Thursday, July 10, Blue Velvet (R)
 Thu: 7:30 PM

Alien (1979) (R) 
Fri: 9:30 PM
Sat – Tue: 7:20 PM
Wed: 6:50 PM
Thu: 9:30 PM

Star Wars July 18

2001 July 25

Follow these and other theaters on social media to stay on top of things. Without a central spot like The Ogden down on Ole Colfax, it’s hard to keep track of opportunities that pop up.


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