Wordless Wednesday 3

Wordless Wednesday 3



lions, male and female lion together, lions about to mate, africa, south africa, large catsThe story behind last week’s Wordless Wednesday photo: I spent two weeks in Africa last year and saw countless examples of wildlife every day, right out of a schoolkid’s dream. Even lions. And lionesses. But not until the last day, driving through the forest to a tiny airstrip to get our puddle-jumper back to Johannesburg, did we see a male and female together. Our guide stopped. The magnificent creatures seemed to be lounging in the grass on the side of the road. The guide explained their mating ritual, the only time, he said, that they spend together. Shortly, the two lumbered a few yards before he mounted her and, in an instant, she roared at him, he got off of her — and they continued lounging. That pattern would continue for four days, the guide said, until the male was sent back out on his own and the female returned to the pride. Next week: the story behind today’s pups pic.

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