A local narrative: Sharing a Post about a Night on the Town in Istanbul

My friend Chuck lives in London and, as an international business consultant, he travels all over the world all the time. I’m sharing his most recent post, about a night out he had in Istanbul. It’s a nicely told tale, with interesting observations about the role of place, evolving locations and the importance of good companions. Enjoy!

Wild Duck Road

Karaköy was billed, slightly tongue-in-cheek, as Istanbul’s Shoreditch . These days, it’s pretty hard to say anything about Shoreditch that isn’t tongue-in-cheek. I love where I live, but I live in an urban cliché. If you don’t take things too seriously, it can be fun.

Never mind, I was in Istanbul with my travel companions from last year’s trip to Berlin, and we had some exploring to do on our final evening.

As we began our descent into Karaköy from the Galata Bridge, I was initially sceptical. Where was the scaffolding, the loft conversions, the shops with bare Edison bulbs? I looked around anxiously. It didn’t make sense to look for beards. They’re everywhere in Istanbul, worn entirely without irony. Imagine that.

And then, around a corner, it started. Newly laid paving stones. Renovation works. Fresh façades on re-purposed buildings. And everywhere, a field of dilapidated elegance that…

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