Inside Look: Preview Pictures from Ponce City Market


I took a tour Thursday night of Ponce City Market, and I’m glad to say it’s going to be as exciting, beautiful and cool as I’d hoped. Amid the continuing construction, a Jamestown Properties spokeswoman illuminated the building’s history and future. The former City Hall East and Sears store goes back to the 1920s and includes more than 2 million square feet of office, retail and residential space. It borders the equally amazing Atlanta Beltline and is just a half-mile from my home. The project is charging the whole neighborhood, with lots of new apartments, road improvements and more. It should open sometime this year.

About 15 years ago, I went searching for something in the building, which was then used to house tons of ancient city records. It was dusty and dark and dank and… NOTHING like it’s going to be.

Can’t wait. Enjoy the pics. (Mouse over for caption. Click to enlarge.) And follow me on Twitter @JayCroft.

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