Similar Quotes about Jackie Robinson, Michael Sam Decades Apart — What Does It Mean to You?

No. 42

No. 42

Just a quick observation to share today. Send me your thoughts on what this means, if anything, about civil rights, sports, racism, homophobia — or the enduring power of cliches across decades and different settings. I’ll try to weigh in later.

But yesterday, the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the race barrier in Major League Baseball, a friend posted this on Facebook. It’s two of the four paragraphs in a New York Times article about that game. Fascinating for sure, possibly disturbing, definitely enlightening — and all the more reason to be thankful Robinson came along and did what he did.

Jackie Robinson, New York Times, Aug. 16, No. 42, 42, racial barriers, barriers in sports, gay athletes, gays in sports, Michael Sam, NFL, Ebbetts Field

This image from The New York Times article the day after Jackie Robinson’s MLB debut. There were two more paragraphs, straightforward reportage about the game.

Then, this morning, I read an article on Outsports about six teams being interested in Michael Sam, who stands to become the first openly gay man in the NFL pending next month’s draft. Outsports reports on six teams most interested in Sam, and shares this insight from Super Bowl champion coach John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens.

Note the similarities.

Michael Sam, Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh, Jackie Robinson, gay sports, gay athletes, historic

Similar quotes this week about Michael Sam on

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