‘Atlanta Streets Alive’ Rolls into West End This Sunday

Atlanta Streets Alive, West End, community activities, close the streets, bicycles, bikes, walking, family events, community events, Easter Sunday, Easter, Sunday, Ralph David Abernathy, BeltlineSeems like most of the story about Atlanta’s cool intown projects and events focuses on the Midtown-Inman-Poncey triad. And while there’s a lot going on to justify that, it’s nice when other areas if the city feel some of the love, too.

So bravo to Atlanta Streets Alive for heading to West End this Sunday for one of the group’s fun and inspiring community events. Streets Alive will close to automobiles 2.7 miles of road in the heart of West End from 2-6 p.m. to encourage folks to walk and ride bicycles in the area. You can read see more about activities, parking and plans for the day on the Streets Alive website.

“We’ll close the streets to cars and open them to people,” Streets Alive says. “Bring your bicycle or just your feet, and get ready to explore your community streets on a safer, healthier, more livable way.”

We sure need more of that in our city. And previous Streets Alive events have been a blast, including one in my Poncey-Highland neighborhood a couple of years ago, with food trucks, lots of families and pets, and community groups sharing their information.

Plus who in Atlanta isn’t looking for a good reason to just get out of the car?

The event this Sunday, which is Easter, of course, is organized by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition in partnership with City Council President Ceasar Mitchell and the West End Neighborhood Association. Churches are sharing their parking lots after services.

More from Streets Alive:

The vision of Atlanta Streets Alive is to encourage Atlanta to develop living streets — streets that appeal to pedestrians, bikers, businesses and neighbors. Streets are publicly owned assets but on most days are used mainly by cars. On this day, people can regain ownership of the streets they pay taxes to build and maintain — and transform them into crazy fun healthy, living streets for all to enjoy.

And here are some of the group’s shots from previous events:

Let me know what you think!

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