More Annoying Words and Phrases — ‘Contextualized’ by The Buzzword Generator

UPDATE 7/26: Got a text this week from a friend at a conference: “Word du jour: ‘stakeholdering.’ ” I asked her for the context and she said she thinks it’s supposed to mean “relationship building.” That’s as good a guess as any.


JargonMy friend Mary sent this email today to me and a group of writers who work in business settings.

“Since you all have had to plow through more than your fair share of corporate jargon, I thought you’d enjoy this new buzzword generator (from The Wall Street Journal):

I clicked on the link.  You should, too. The Buzzword Generator is hilarious. See how many ridiculous words and phrases you can generate. My favorite: “Piggyback holistically or recontextualize.”

The funniest part is: They’re not too far from the kind of thing you might encounter in some business writing or corporate copy or worse. (Like these 12 annoying words and phrases, for starters.)

As someone responded to Mary’s email: “You know we’ve all been in meetings where these actual phrases have been utilized (strategically, of course!)”

And it didn’t take long for another to add, “This is a hoot! We could turn it into a drinking game.”

I told Mary this struck me as good blog fodder. Her reply:

“That sounds like a win-win, synergistic approach for contextualizing and integrating reality, while simultaneously utilizing an innovative platform to push the envelope. I just wish I could work in one of your personal faves — ‘At the end of the day!’ ”

She added that hosted a March Madness tournament last year to recognize the worst in corporate jargon. The, er, winner? “Come to Jesus Moment.”


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3 thoughts on “More Annoying Words and Phrases — ‘Contextualized’ by The Buzzword Generator

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