Atlanta SnowJam Day 2: The Mess Continues

I’m so sad for my city today. And for the friends, colleagues and strangers who have suffered so needlessly in and around Atlanta. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this to offer a constructive path for the future. (Hint: It’s going to be cold again in another winter. Might even snow again.)

The mess brought out the best in folks, though, with people offering shelter, food and other support last night. Did you see this heartening group on Facebook? Lots of great examples out there. And everyone I encountered on my journey was helpful and kind, with a “we’re in it together, but what can you do” approach.

SnowJam Day 2 finds me in a hotel in sunny downtown Chattanooga, with WiFi and a restaurant downstairs and a charming city out the door. Friends and news updates made it clear I should wait another day before trying to break through again.

Good luck, everybody.


ATLANTA’S SNOWJAM DAY 1: Turned away by traffic, taking refuge in a motel


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